An update about moving forward from Claudia:


KidzRock is our preschool + elementary age program at White Stone. While we have began to meet in person again on Sunday mornings, we are not yet offering our KidzRock program, that means our in-person services include the entire family together. We know for some of you, this can feel like a pretty difficult task and that the idea of trying to worship with a distracting child doesn’t feel like worship at all. I would like to share some tips and ideas that I have used and have seen other parents use that I hope will help to create a better worship experience for your whole family if you are ready to return to in person worship!


- prepare your kids ahead of time. Explain to them what to expect and what you expect of them.

- Find ways to engage them. We will be providing a Kidz Worship guide for readers and coloring sheets for littles as well as some other items to help keep their focus and attention. You can also encourage them to watch the band, listen for key words, tell them why we sing to God, etc. Sit where they can see what is happening. Kids who are engaged are much less likely to be distracted because of boredom.

- Encourage them to sing along during worship. Explain the meaning of the song to them. Save the coloring, snack, etc. for during the sermon.

- We have tables set up along the outer walls of our worship center. We are asking to help with social distancing, each family take their own table. We have made activity bags geared toward preschool + elementary age kids to help them participate in our service. (Tables are disinfected before + after each service)

- Each week, our KidzRock media + curriculum will be available on our MEDIA page. Families can bring tablets + headphones for kids to watch during the sermon part of the service.


As with most things during this time, we are still learning how to best serve the church, from oldest to our youngest. Please don't hesitate to contact Claudia with questions, concerns, ideas by emailing here:

* Our summer Camp KidJam trip for 3-5 graders has been canceled for 2020.