About Us


White Stone Church first opened its doors in 1992. The church was originally called Cornerstone Fellowship, and it began as a dream in the hearts of several young families in North Knoxville. The hope was that God would allow them to start a church, and that the church would be a vehicle to help people in this city reach their "full potential" for Christ. Almost thirty years, later we remain committed to making much of Jesus,  //  "we will make much of Jesus" // and to loving people in our city well,  recognizing that we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, and grateful for their work. In more recent years, our mission field has expanded to include significant works in both Haiti and Nicaragua. We would invite you to come and join us one Sunday for a service, and encourage you to consider partnering with us on mission. If God calls you to be a part of our fellowship we believe it is because we can do more for the Kingdom together than we could do apart. Everyday our story is still being written, and maybe you are meant to be a part of it.

About Us

we will . . . 

Beyond our belief statements, we have a group of values that we believe makes up the core of our church. Our we will statements speak to both the kind of church we have been in the past, the church we are, and the kind of church we hope to be. We invite you to join us on this journey, trusting,  that we will accomplish more together, than we could ever accomplish separately.