The Song of the Redeemed

Apr 22, 2024    Brock Tharpe

There is a song of worship that even the angels cannot sing. Just think about that for a second.

We see references to it throughout the Bible, and it has come to be referred to as "the Song of the Redeemed." The angels can't sing it is because they have never been rescued like we have— they have never tasted separation from God, and the hopelessness that comes with it. And likewise, they have never experienced the life-altering grace and kindness and rescue that was made possible through the work of Jesus. And because redemption is not a part of their story, they cannot join in the Song of the Redeemed.

Verses 12-14 of 1 John chapter 2 are markedly different from any other verses in the letter. They are written in the form of poetry, mimicking a song or a dance. After spending the majority of chapter 2 warning against hypocrisy, the author shifts and affirms the authenticity of his listeners' faith— almost like he is reminding them of their redemption and is encouraging them to once again sing out in the song of the redeemed.

In this message, Brock gives a powerful presentation of the Gospel, and invites us all to learn the song of our redemption, and to join in the great symphony of God's redeemed.