S E R V E  //  L O C A L 

One of our we will statements says we will be privileged participants in God's story, not just spectators. Simply put, we believe the love of Jesus compels us to love and serve others. We believe that authentically and consistently serving our own communities and neighborhoods is at the very heart of the gospel.
At White Stone, not only are there areas to get involved serving within the church, there are many areas to get involved with helping our church serve the people around us.


White Stone is a mobile church which means we set up and tear down every Sunday. It takes many hands with many gifts, talents, and skills to "make church happen" at White Stone - from working with our set up teams, being a welcoming smile in our lobby on Sunday  to media + worship teams; serving kids in our KidzRock areas, working with students, or helping run our coffee cafe - there is a spot for your gifts at White Stone.
Wondering where you might fit in? We'd love to help you get connected! Fill out the contact form below to get started.


Our food pantry operates the second Saturday morning  of every month and the fourth Tuesday evening of every month. The pantry serves both those within our community + those within our church who need it. We operate via a drive thru system at our office location, with minimal contact. For questions or more info, text (865) 202-7236 .


Working with KARM is the longest running local missions work at White Stone. Each month, a group women from our church provide a birthday party for the women staying at KARM, along with cake + a bag of personal products. If you would like more info about KARM, how to get involved, or donations needed, contact Beth Fox HERE.


Water Angels is a ministry that serves the homeless and marginalized in Knoxville. You can learn more about their work by visiting their Facebook page or by calling (865) 524-5194. We join their work by providing meals, volunteering in their clothes closet, and attending their Sunday worship services.


The foster care trailer was born out of a need we saw within our own church of many families who are answering the call to foster. The first call is a placement call to a family, and we are the "second call" for families to come and take whatever they need to help transition a child(ren) and prepare their home. Out of love + respect for those we serve, everything on the trailer is new. If you would like to help with this ministry or donate to it, please contact Brock HERE or contact our office. 
Let's get started.  A member of our staff would be happy to talk with you!