S E R V E //  G L O B A L 

"Go therefore . . . "

Matthew 28:19

One of our we will statements says we will go ourselves, not just send our money. We believe that along with financial support, going and serving other believers in their home nations is as equal a calling as spreading the gospel in our own communities. The global Church is at work each and everyday, at White Stone, we want to come along side of our sisters and brothers who are already being the hands and feet of Jesus in their own lands. 

Love your neighbor.

Over the past year, we have welcomed many Haitian refuge families to Knoxville + White Stone. While we are committed to loving and serving the people still on the island of Haiti,  and continue to provide aid to outlining areas as often as we can,  some of our focus has shifted to helping these families adjust to life in the States.
If you would like more info on how you can help please contact 

Dènye dimanch chak mwa, nou gen yon sèvis adorasyon kreyòl ayisyen nan White Stone. Kontakte Colby nan imèl ki anwo a pou plis detay. Nou ta renmen pou ou rantre nan nou!

Join us in praying for peace in Haiti.

Because of current global climate both medical and civil, we are currently not taking trips. Many of our on the ground colleagues are now  in the states and trying to build new lives here. If you would like to give to these families: