Loving One Another

Jun 9, 2024    Colby Dorcely

The need for true community among believers is at the very core of God's plan to redeem His whole creation, and we find that idea at the heart of the book of 1 John. The author tells us that the message he is giving is the same one we have heard from the beginning, “that we should love one another.” But what does that actually look like practically?

One thing many of us get wrong in a highly individualistic society like ours, is we assume that the salvation we have received through Jesus is a solely individual thing. But salvation is not only individual, but also communal. God didn’t just save us from something, but also for something.

In this message, Colby gives practical advice on how the church can grow deeper in community and love for one another in an age and culture that is hell bent on isolating and tearing us apart.