At the King's Table

May 5, 2024    Brock Tharpe

Sometimes even good things can become bad things if they are keeping us from Christ the King.

Each and every one of us have received an invitation to sit at the King's table— an invitation to be with our Father. The problem is that there are all sorts of other things vying for our attention, trying to keep us from accepting that invitation.

At the midpoint of 1 John chapter 2, the author reminds us that if we love the world and the things of the world, the love of the Father is not in us. This simple truth isn't designed to offend us; it's designed to remind us that a relationship with our Father and creator is so much better than any of the temporary pleasures the world can provide. In this message, Brock reminds us that true Christianity runs much deeper than simply abstaining from sin and worldly pleasure. It is also about laying aside those weights so that we may taste the supreme goodness that can only be found in God alone.