Put These Words Into Practice - November 26, 2023

Nov 26, 2023    Cody Zimmerman

We have spent nearly a year digging into the commands of Jesus found throughout the Bible. As the year draws to a close and our celebration of Advent begins next week, Cody closes out the commands series by reading the end of the Sermon on the Mount.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus lays out a multitude of practical ways that he expects his followers to implement their faith and submission to him in the everyday facets of their lives. The commands of Christ that we have been studying all year are the same, and the concluding words of Jesus at the end of the sermon on the mount are just as poignant for us today as they were for their original audience: "Take these words of mine and put them into practice."

This is an audio recording from our 2023 sermon series titled, "If You Love Me". For full service videos, check out the White Stone Church app, or visit www.whitestonechurch.org